About Us

KeyBlue Solutions (KBS) is a boutique digital transformation consultancy headquartered in Charlotte, Northern Carolina (USA) . Since 2016 , We have been helping global companies, startups and established brands reimagine their business by building impactful digital engineering solutions powered by latest technologies.

Who Are We

KeyBlue Solutions is a premier development hub for planning, building ,support and enhancement of top-notch web and mobile applications.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help enterprises accelerate adoption of new technologies, untangle complex issues that always emerge during digital evolution.

What We Do

For over 3 years,KeyBlue Solutions has been helping startup companies and established brands build solid software foundations for their businesses.

Our 6-D process



The discover phase is a phase when you clearly define what you want to achieve though the project.During this phase, you create the entire blueprint of your software development project.



In this phase, the requirements that are associated with the result of the project are determined as clearly and as completely as possible. This is in order to identify the expectations that all involved parties have for the project result.




 In the design phase, one or more designs are developed, with which the project result can apparently be achieved. Depending on the subject of the project, the products of the design phase can include sketches, flow charts, site trees, HTML screen designs & prototypes.




In this phase, we start each development project with an assessment of its requirements in order to create clear, iteration-based development plan. Our risk-free model includes pilot-project assessment free of charge.



In this phase, team tests the product into production and the product passes each testing phase before the product is ready to go live. This means that the product is ready to be used in a real environment by all end users of the product.



In this phase, We uses manual and automatic QA and testing procedures to make sure delivered applications are secure, stable and working properly.

Why choose us?

While the competition tries to inflate the costs, we tend to keep it small so that it does not break your account.

We at KeyBlue Solutions specialise in providing support to individual consumers with reliable and cost effective solutions.

Our teams are geared to deliver results that you expect from a professional outsourcing company. Truthfulness, transparency and collaborative approach..

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